Time may tell that David Tepper got a steal in Charlotte

The timeline was curious, even if it was entirely coincidental.

On Monday, the Supreme Court opened the door for nationwide sports betting. Immediately, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban proclaimed that the value of each franchise in the four major sports leagues would double. Within a day, David Tepper put pen to paper on a purchase agreement that will result in payment of $2.275 billion for the Carolina Panthers.

Regardless, it feels like Tepper got a steal, especially if gambling generates the kind of revenue that will drive up the value of all NFL teams. And if Tepper is purchasing all of it himself, he possibly will be able to eventual sell half the equity, make all or most of the purchase price back, and continue to control the franchise.

The revelation appears to bolster Kaepernick’s collusion grievance against the league and NFL owners.

According to Pro Football Talk’s source, who purportedly has knowledge of the situation, internal franchise documents generated as part of the free-agency evaluation process and witness testimony in the collusion case say that Kaepernick was seen as a potential starting quarterback and not just an NFL-caliber QB.

Moreover, the report asserts, teams still view Kaepernick as a potential starter, which is counter to claims by teams that not signing him was a football-only decision.

Yet he remains unsigned — or, as he claims, blackballed from the NFL because of his kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest against social and racial injustices. (Teams have admitted since the initial football-only talk that there are other considerations that have prevented them from signing Kaepernick.)cowboys_045

The NFL is defined by contractual terminology.

Free agency, holdouts, franchise tags, option years, roster bonuses, signing bonuses and more. The difference between guaranteed money and total money is Salary Cap 10

So why would a rookie step on the field for his first NFL practice without first signing a contract?

While each team can word differently their version of the paperwork, a player not under contract and his agent can sign a rookie participation agreement along with team officials.

It guarantees nothing but good faith in negotiations should an injury happen without contract, but good faith is easier to define in the post-2010 era of pre-determined contract parameters.

Every pick in the draft — from No. 1 to No. 256 — is associated with a slotted salary amount that leaves little room for negotiation on either side. That’s why there are fewer rookie holdouts nowadays, Joey Bosa in 2017 aside.

How often is this injury worst-case scenario an issue?

Last we heard regarding Gregory, his attorney, Daniel B. Moskowitz, said that his client hasevery intention of getting back on the football field.

Where does Jason Witten rank among 15 greatest Dallas Cowboys players?

It’s been a week since Jason Witten put a bow on his estimable career with the Dallas Cowboys, heralding his transition to the Monday Night Football booth.

In the interim, a lot of glowing remarks have been made about the longtime tight end.

When I look at where we were with the great legacy of our fans that have had 56 years of being around some of the greatest people and names of players ever, said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, to me, no one has ever given more of himself and no one has ever made any bigger impact.

Jason Garrett went further.colts_028

Despite being desperate for good pitching, the Rangers are being prudent with one of their top starters.

For those seeking advantageous lefty/righty matchups picks for Week 5: Adam Duvall (now 42.3 percent available) could finally get his season in order as his Reds face four left-handed starters, as he’s a .273/.356/.565 hitter against lefties since the beginning of last season.

Colin Moran (86.6 percent) is a .299/.351/.463 hitter against righties this season, and the Pirates are scheduled to face nothing but right-handed starting pitching in their seven games. Curtis Granderson (86.4) is a .333/.433/.588 hitter against right-handers this season and typically leads off for the Toronto Blue Jays against them, and the team is scheduled to face seven righty starters in eight games.

Mike Minor (L), 8 percent, Texas Rangers at Toronto Blue Jays: Minor, making the conversion back to the rotation after spending a year in the bullpen, threw 102 pitches last time out, so Texas took advantage of an off day to give the lefty a couple extra days’ rest. The Blue Jays sport a hefty .362 wOBA facing lefties, but they also whiff 26 percent of the time and will be without Josh Donaldson.

And that’s when teams pull off the biggest steals — the future stars plucked late in the draft, when the picks are relegated to a streamer at the bottom of the screen.

These are the biggest steals in the NFL Draft since 2000, by position, including one who, for the foreseeable future, will be known as the biggest one of all time.

Tyler Anderson (L), 6 percent, Colorado Rockies at Miami Marlins: The Marlins are a bit flummoxing. They’ve scored three or fewer runs in 15 of their first 24 contests, but have tallied six or more in seven, including plating eight against the Dodgers on Wednesday night, knocking Clayton Kershaw out after five frames. The Fish are mid-pack versus lefties, but considering the big park upgrade and working six stanzas in three of his five outings, Anderson is a streaming option.orioles_016