The NFL is defined by contractual terminology.

Free agency, holdouts, franchise tags, option years, roster bonuses, signing bonuses and more. The difference between guaranteed money and total money is Salary Cap 10 So why would a rookie step on the field for his first NFL practice without first signing a contract? While each team can word differently their version of the paperwork, […]

Despite being desperate for good pitching, the Rangers are being prudent with one of their top starters.

For those seeking advantageous lefty/righty matchups picks for Week 5: Adam Duvall (now 42.3 percent available) could finally get his season in order as his Reds face four left-handed starters, as he’s a .273/.356/.565 hitter against lefties since the beginning of last season. Colin Moran (86.6 percent) is a .299/.351/.463 hitter against righties this season, […]